Dear Graham Norton: 'I can’t forgive my sisters for their cruelty to my father and me'

Graham Norton

Dear Graham

I am a single man in late middle age, with a history of severe depression and chronic anxiety. I had my first mental breakdown in my teens, and my last major one, which coincided with the death of my mother, in my early 40s, when I was medically retired from the Civil Service.
I moved back to the family home and looked after my father for 20 years until his death, 18 months ago.
The last 10 years of his life were very difficult as he suffered from vascular dementia. Neither of my sisters helped​ ​with Dad’s care: they said he didn’t recognise them, so they stayed away, and I coped alone. However, because they knew I had power of attorney, whenever they were in financial difficulties they would ask for money, and I, knowing that Dad would never begrudge them, always paid them from his account.

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