It’s a stressful time of year for students across the globe. Whether a fresher or in your final year, summer exams are never fun.
All-nighters, long days in the library, last-minute cramming - it’s enough to make any graduate shudder at the memory.
But there’s one surprising ingredient that has seen a surge in sales after a recent study found it helps improve memory: rosemary.
According to high street health food chain Holland & Barrett, sales of the herb have increased by 187 per cent compared to the same time last year. 
The demand has been so high that they’ve even had to order in extra supplies.
A spokesperson for Holland & Barrett said that after the research was published: “We saw a sharp rise in customer demand. As the exam season continues, we have increased provision in store to meet demand.”
The study was carried out by Northumbria University and concluded that exposure to rosemary can boost memory.
The researchers found that students working in a room that contained the aroma of rosemary - in the form of an essential oil - achieved between five and seven per cent better results in memory tests.
“It could be that aromas affect electrical activity in the brain or that pharmacologically active compounds can be absorbed,” said researcher Mark Moss. 
It’s not the first time the link has been made though - rosemary has been connected with improving memory for centuries.
In ancient Greece, for example, students would wear rosemary garlands during their exams. 
As university students and school pupils across the globe sit exams and snap up rosemary to help, you may have to find another way to season your roasties.

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